God Begins with Nothing, and Makes Something Beautiful

In the beginning there was nothing. Then God decides to do something.

We can’t really comprehend the “then,” because with God there is no time.

He created time itself. Time is best understood by the effect that it makes on things.

The Spirit of God is like that, too. In the very beginning we see the effect of the Spirit hovering over creation, just like a mom who hovers over her children, or perhaps like the mother hen that hovers over her chicks.

She wants them to turn out well. She wants to protect them, to see them grow.

The nothing became something. It was good the Bible says in Genesis 1.

At least it started out that way.

When you read through the Bible, it is telling you something about God. It is something that God wants you to know about him. When we understand God better, it can change things in our lives.

Genesis tells us that God is a dreamer. He doesn’t stop with dreams, though. He takes his dreams, and he does something with them. He is so powerful that he says something, and it happens.

Words are important.

God created us to be like him. He created us in his image.

We can create wonderful things with our words. We can encourage people who are down. We can lift them up.

What words can you use to create something good in someone’s life?

Who can you encourage today?

Things started out wonderful at first. We can use our words to bring back some of the beautiful things that God wanted in our world.

If you need some encouragement, try prayer. I’ll try to write more about it later, but here’s a simple thing to do to start. Just use your words to talk to God. Talk to God as a friend.

The book of Psalms is a great book to read to see how honest you can be with God. The Psalms can be shocking if you haven’t read them before. The people praying there say things to God that a religious person may say you can’t say to God.

Why not?

If God knows what you’re thinking, don’t you think it is OK to say it to him? You can learn more about prayer as you grow in your knowledge of God, but being honest with him is a good place to start in the beginning.

He started with nothing. He made something beautiful.

Since he can do that with nothing, he can do beautiful things in our lives, too.




Author: Pauline Scott

I blog at http://PaulinesThoughts.com

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