The Tower of Babel, Language Confusion, and Solutions

God wanted the people of the earth to spread out across the world, multiply, and fill the earth with people (Genesis 1:28), but they didn’t want to do it.

So, he confused their language. (Genesis 11:1ff)

When the church began in Acts 2, everyone was able to hear Peter’s message in their own language. The gospel message brought people back together again under the Holy Spirit.

Learning languages, however, is still very difficult.

I enjoy studying them, though. I have found similarities in many of them the more I learn them. Some languages have different letters than English, and that makes them more difficult.

Of those that use different letters, I’ve found Russia to be easier than I thought, although I’ve just started to learn it. So, I may change my mind later.

One program I like to use to learn languages is Duolingo. It is a free program. It has ads in it, but they are not intrusive. You can pay to have them removed if that type of thing bothers you.

If you are learning a language that uses a different keyboard, then I would suggest the Website: Gate2Home. Note: This is a keyboard that you use on their site. Don’t download anything that they suggest unless it is a program that you want to use. I have not tested anything out for their veracity.  It is unnecessary to use the online keyboard. Those are ads for other things.

You can pull up multiple language keyboards by choosing which language you wish to use. You have to copy and paste the results into whatever you are using it for (at least that’s the way I’ve been using it).

It is also helpful if you want to type a message in another language but do not want to install an entire new alphabet.

So far I’ve found these two sites to be helpful. If you find a problem with either one, let me know. I don’t get anything for recommending either one.

Perhaps these two places will help you to communicate with others better, and I’ll try to add some places to study the Bible in your own language as I develop my blog again. Those should appear on the sidebar when I get to that point (Lord willing). So, be sure to check back.

Note: Neither link is an endorsement of this Website, and I do not have an affiliation with either.

Author: Pauline Scott

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