No Easy Answers, and Don’t Tell Me You Know

There are some things in life that can’t be explained. I mean explained from the deep depths of the soul where you struggle with faith.

There have been tons of things written about pain and suffering. I wrote a book about it, too:  Joy & Trouble

The struggle you go through to work through things in life are part of what takes your faith from a shallow, wading-type of faith into the deep waters, to the type that will get you out of the boat and walking on the roaring sea toward Jesus.

Peter is used a lot to talk about how he looked at the waves instead of Jesus and then began to sink.

What some may have forgotten is, he’s the only one who got out to try it! Me, I’m not so sure. Maybe I’d stay in the boat.

But then, again, perhaps the safest place to be in a terrible storm is out on the deep sea walking towards Jesus. At least when you start to sink because of doubt, he will be there to reach down and lift you up.

After all, Jesus could have let Peter sink.

He didn’t though.

So, when you are struggling with pain and suffering: either yours, someone you love, or even just overwhelming events you see on the news, don’t feel bad for struggling. Just reach up your hand to Jesus and say:

Lord, save me! Save me from my doubts. Save me from my sadness.

And if anyone has a pat answer for pain and suffering for you, perhaps that’s the only way they can handle it. They may not have enough energy to go through the struggle right now.

That’s OK, too.

Pain and struggles won’t go away, and they’ll get another chance to work through it.