Prayer for Peace


Today, please bring peace…

  • to those who are hurting in body
  • to those who are hurting in their emotions
  • to those who are scared because the world is difficult to understand
  • to those who don’t feel loved
  • to those who have had family leave them, or they have had to leave due to choices not of their own
  • to the person who feels misunderstood
  • to the one who feels inadequate
  • to the one who doesn’t know where to turn
  • to those in the busy city
  • to those in the slow nursing home
  • to those who feel no peace.

Peace, not as the world gives, but as you give.

We need your peace desperately, and we are asking for that peace for us, for our city, for our state, for our country, for the countries of the world.

Through Jesus,

the Prince of Peace